Sticky Issue: Anonymous


Typography is inextricably linked to our streetscapes. The urban landscape is a layered canvas and one that creates an anonymous discourse within a city.  The tactility and texture of typography within this landscape is unique to this environment. Street posters are a key medium that allow messages to be exposed and experienced by streetgoers.

Sticky is a publication that captures the typographic landscape within the inner city suburbs of Sydney. Issue anonymous explores the role street posters play in the identity of the area as they create layered stories and mark key moments that are important to the local community. Experimental typography is littered throughout the publication, the warped and distorted aesthetic creates tension with the clean structure of the body copy. The publication aims to challenge the idea of merely travelling through place. It redefines street posters as a method of wayfinding. By listening to and engaging with this anonymous discourse, it can guide one to reveal new and unexpected aspects of a place, one they thought they knew like the back of their hand.